Budget Friendly Moisturizer

Best Face Moisturizer In Budget 

Hello, Friends today I am going to tell you the best face moisturizer and that to in budget friendly.

I know there are many moisturizers in the market that make you think that which is good and should come within a budget, well I think face moisturizer is very important for our skin to care routine. Like the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. For the perfect skin, these three are the best this you can do to your skin.

Well, What is moisturizing?

Now just learn about moisturizing, moisturizing is the cream that is smooth and light for the skin so that your skin can get the care of moisture and that nowadays fades away due to the pollution and aging. After you wash your face with face wash, scrub or any other cleansing product your pores get open and after that, you need to close the pores with toner even with toner you need to choose the correct one as per you skin for more information about toner please click on toner. Now let's came back to moisturizer after toner you need to apply some moisturizer to help your skin take the moisture, and breath within and makes your skin healthy with hydrated as well.

1. Nivea Face Moisturizer

Well, the first I am going to start with the Nivea face cream what I always find in my husband's bag as well as in my makeup bag. I use this mostly with my foundation, I mix this with my foundation, and even if I feel that my skin needs more moisture than I apply this, but yes this cream is best for winter and I prefer to apply this when I have to stay at home as you do feel little greasy. But it gives justice to the dry skin. The fragrance of this moisturizer is great and it's good for the very dry skin and even better for combination skin You can also use for hands and legs Price Is Rs.80 for 50ml.

2. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer

This is the best product from Lakme because it's very light and it has SPF 25 in it which means you need not to apply any sunscreen but it really hydrates and moisturize your skin without making it sticky with the normal to dry skin this will work perfectly. I do recommend this with makeup as well.

3. Cetaphil Face Moisturizing Cream

My next recommendation is for the girls who have extremely dry skin, I know you are going to say that this cream is not in budget but if you are going to buy a cream with budget and you apply 4 or 5 times a day then I thick this is the best cream to apply as you need to apply one for once a day, this has extra moisturizing nature and it's very safe to use as well. Price Rs.150 for 30ml

4. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer

This Moisturizer is oil-free and it is great for combination skin and sometimes when I feel like to go out with no makeup on my face then I only apply Neutrogena moisturizer and sunscreen and then a good lipstick shade and then I am happy to go. this feels very dry on the skin and the best part is dermatologist tested. This bottle comes with the pump and it is very handy and really easy to use.

Well, You must be thinking that why I am showing this body lotion on for the face moisturizer but guys I do apply this to my skin, yes you heard it right I do apply this but when and how? As you know that this cream is very sticky and the product is very thick I do not apply this at morning,
this cream is perfect for me at night as we need a good moisturizer for the night as well I recommend this for night moisturizer for people who have combination to dry skin. This does help my skin to hydrate all night and in morning my skin feels like I am soft and smooth like a baby skin.

So guys do try this product and let me know in the comment section that how did you liked it and make sure to subscribe my blog.

Thanks for taking time for my blog.

Sonu Singh


  1. Thank you for this list on budget moisutrizers. I like Neutrogena because it is oil free and it is very good for my skin that does not tolerate anything greasy.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yeah i do understand, But thanks for commenting me

  3. Great post, very informative. xxx

  4. nice informative one. Blog as a whole is good too

  5. Wonderfully informative post. I've tried a few of these, some worked better than others but all in all they were good moisturizers.

  6. Excellent review, I do agree with you Nivea can be a little greasy. You the first person I see post an honest review on this product. I've use some of the others and liked them thanks for sharing!

  7. Very informative post.Sadly my skin will not co-operate with any of this stuff as I have extremely oily skin and I get acne on my face if I apply anything at all including facewash

  8. Moisturizers are a must for keeping our skin healthy. These are all great products. Thank you for sharing.


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