Best 5 Toner For Indian Skin Tone

Hello, Friends today I am going to share about the best 5 Toner that can be used, and you can find easily anywhere which makes your skin glow.

What is a toner?

Basically, in our cleanser, toning and moisturizing routine, Toner is a very essential part after you have cleansed your face with the face wash or you followed with scrub or with the pack in addition to removing the impurities from your face you are also opening the pores that you have in your face skin or on your neck skin, Now, Opening of pores can increase the acne and secondly they start to give the skin very ageing effect, So closed pores are required for a more youthful skin.

So how does Toner work?

First, if you apply with your cotton balls after washing the face it shrinks your pores, and secondly, if there is any small impurities are there on your skin it also helps in removing that. So this is the basic knowledge about the toner, So every time when you wash your face with face wash or with a scrub or pack it's better to use a toner after that.

Now lets my top 5 toners that I like to use

1. Tea Tree Body Shop Face Toner

First thing first this is my full-time favorite toner, This is good for the oily skin and if anyone who has a breakout as well it works wonders on they skin, First to remove the impurities it's a very easy task. And its gives a very good cooling effect to your skin. Price is Rs.795 for 250ml and you can find this toner in any body shop store and even in online as well.

2. Votre Botanical Facial Toning

Votre is again very good care brand mostly focusing on natural products, This toner does not hurt the eye too much as it has a spray bottle. This toner normally helps in closing the pores and even when you see this toner has only natural products. The best part is there in no alcohol in this, Price is Rs.800 For 100ml.

3. Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

Then we have this product which good for all skin type everyone can use it, and some people would have an issue that most people like to use rose water as a face mist, The difference between the toner and the face mist is very little. The toner is concentrated and Face Mist is Diluted Because you can use a face Mist 5 to 6 times a day while the Toner should be used for 2 times a day And if you use this as a toner spray it and don't use the cotton and if you are using as a Face Mist then only spray don't use the cotton.
 I Hope you understand what I mean.
If you are looking for acne then don't use this, if you are looking for just a toner then you can go ahead and use Price is Rs.250 For 100ml

4. Iba Hala Alo Aqua Face Spray

This does not mention that it's for what type of a skin but it has Alovera and Cucumber which helps for mostly oily skin but the dry skin people also use this Because in the toner there is no use to differentiate the dry skin and Oily skin unless it's a Tea Tree Toner. It has very nice refreshing smell and even its a halal cosmetic products so it does not have any sulfate, parabens or any bad chemicals,
The there in only one con that is it hurts the eye if it goes near to the eyes so you just need to use it carefully. Price is Rs 100 for 50ml.

5. Biotique Cucumber Water Toner

This product is really good you can just click on the Biotique Cucumber Water Toner review and find out, This product is also one of the best product.

So that's it for today I hope you liked it and even don't forget to follow me so that you can get the notification of my products, Do comment in the below comment section.

Sonu Singh.



  1. Tea tree products are getting popular these days.. Will share the post with my wife

  2. I never really knew the purpose of toners before so thanks for the good description! I will probably try the body shop toner!


  3. I like the body shop tea toner)

  4. very informative thanks for sharing it.

  5. I like the rose water option- plus I adore the smell! I'll look into it!


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