Simple Tips to remove pimples and their spots

              Best Way To Remove Pimples And The Pimples Marks 

Hello friends today I am going to share how do I try to remove pimples and how do I take care of pimples marks, There are many creams and many products in market to cure pimples but they have some dangerous chemical which they say that they will remove the acne and pimples but after you use that you can see that it will leave a mark on the face.

Why do we get pimples:-

Let me share some reasons that many people get pimples and there are some you can avoid.
1. The most common reason for getting pimples is not drinking a good amount of water. There are many people who drink less water like me, What I do is simply I fill all my water bottles and I keep those water bottle in the place where I frequently go so in this way I don't forget to drink water.
2. The second most common reason of getting pimples is during your periods. Most of the girls get pimples during the periods of before your periods. This is the natural process we can't do any thing but during this as well make sure to drink more water.
3. Next reason I would say it when you get dandruff on the scalp, Make sure that you clean your hair nicely and use anti-dandruff shampoo to remove it completely.
4. It also causes due to no healthy diet, Make sure to eat less oil and butter to avoid pimples. Eat more fruits and make sure that you eat more veggies and salads.
5. And the last thing is due to oily skin.
6. There are many more reason to cause pimples but the Above reasons simple to make it out that due to what reason you got acne.

How To Avoid Pimples:-

We can Avoid pimples from home remedies as well, Now I will share some tips to avoid.
1. Drink lots of water, Make sure that you drink plenty of water to flush down all the bad thing from the body.
2. Take a Garlic clove and make it into a fine paste and keep it on the pimples for 30min. Then later clean it with the cold water.
3. Rub an ice cube on the pimple to some min.
4. Apply Turmeric to that pimple for some time, IT will make that place yellow but Turmeric is antibiotic so it will help your Pimple to reduce.
5. Drink turmeric milk for some time before going to bed, this will also make your skin pimple free and there is much use with.
6. Clean you face for at least 3 times a day, This makes your skin clean and it avoids a pimple to spread in many places.

How to Avoid Dark Spots:-

After getting the pimples there always be dark spots from the pimples, So let us know how to avoid that and even how to cure that.
1. Do not touch your pimples always with your hand, as there are many tiny bacteria on your hand and fingers that you count not be able to see with your naked eye, Touching causes of spreading of more pimples on your face and even they will leave dark spots.
2.  Make sure not to use your nails for pressing your pimples, This will also lead to Dark spots. So instant of that you can use a Black head or white head remover, Or use a tool to clean the pimples.
3. Do not use any cream for pimples for the pimples, This will also lead to dark spots. I used one cream I will not name it, After using that a pimple got reduced in over night then later I got a very dark spot as if that part was burnt. So please avoid medicine cream for pimples.
4. Make a mask and always apply to your face to remove dark spots.
5. Apply aloe vera gel before going to bed and even in the morning.

So, friends this is my remedies that you can use it in your home and make sure to let me know in the below comment section that how did you liked and please subscribe my blog.

Sonu Singh

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Simple Tips to remove pimples and their spots

              Best Way To Remove Pimples And The Pimples Marks   Hello friends today I am going to share how do I try to remove pimples a...

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