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Best Eye Cream For Dark Circle
Hello, friends I have the best eye cream for dark circle, well I always keep saying that sunscreen is the most essential and primary cream for our skin and then the second close essential are eye creams. these days because of phones, laptops, computer and television screens harms your eye, the problems which we see a dark circle, puffiness, wrinkles, and dryness. 

When to use eye cream 
We have to use eye cream once a day but preferably twice a day. once you can use at morning before going out and the second time is before going to bed as it works wonders during that time as this is the time your skin function well.

How to use an eye cream
We have to take a little amount of eye cream on the ring finger and then apply under your eye with giving the circular motion massage. make sure to use only ring finger as it gives a pressure that you're under eye need and by doing this your eye doesn't get damaged.
Most important thing in no matter how much amount of eye cream you apply good sleep will help you the most. So do sleep well for at least 8 hrs at night.

1. Vitamin E Eye Cream From Bodyshop.

My First pick would be the from The Body Shop as I am a big fan of Bodyshop Products. This has a lot of Vitamin E and a little Bit of SPF 15 which is really good. They say that this product helps in reducing dark circle, puffyness, and finelines but majorly this should be used only for the dark circles the price is Rs.846 for 15ml.

2. Bio Bloom Natural under eye Gel 

Well of cause we say that we should use a cream for under eye but this is a gel kind and also helps for reducing dark circle and this also has a good amount of Vitamin E in it and make sure to use this twice and the price of this is Rs. 259 for 15gm.

3. Lotus herbals anti aging eye cream

This cream is really good for the dark circle and even good for the fine lines, this cream gives you nourishment and even gives you a glow, I like some products from Lotus as it is really good for skin.

So coming to fine lines dressiness I would choose a cream base product or oil product,
Now let's see which oil are best for the under an eye.

4. Extra Virgen Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best product for under eye it works wonders when ever it comes for under eye dryness Because first, it is completely natural and secondly it has heavy moisturizing property. Oue under eye skin is very thin compared to our facial skin, natural organic products work very well and it is safe to use.

5. Almond oil

The next pick would be is almond oil which is heavy in Vitamin E, Almond oil has a lightning properties which is good for you under eye dark circle. with its moisturizing properties, the dryness and the fine line gets reduce. 

There are many creams in the market that came for under eye but I would suggest you apply the natural things for the undereye apart from the coconut oil and Almond oil there is one more gel you can use that is Alovera Gel for the under the eye.

So these are the list of under eye creams and natural remedies that I usually use it for my under the eye, hope you like it and please make sure to comment down below and subscribe me.

Sonu Singh


  1. I have dark circles so eye creams are my best firend. I think I'm gonna try Body Shop's eye cream. Thank you for the recommendation

  2. Thanks for sharing the best picks!


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