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Hello friends, I have to say that body lotion is important to our skin, I have a very dry skin and the dryest part is my legs have to say that if I apply any other body lotion it absorbed very fast and after 1 hr I feel like to apply again. I was really feeling fed up of applying the body lotion every hr.

I applied many lotions and discovered that for very dry skin the body lotion should be different. So today I am going to introduce to you girls the best body lotion if you have a very dry skin.

First, i am going to start with the best one

1. Jergens Body Lotion:-

Review :-

First time when I applied this lotion I felt like my like became soft and the dry patches vanished, then after an hour when I see my skin I felt like the same, I really enjoyed applying this, and the second time I applied was before going to bed.

Loved this product and really want you to try this.

2. ST. Ives Body Lotion:-


This lotion is the second best lotion that I can suggest you, This is a Replenishing body lotion with mineral therapy. After Applying this  my skin was smooth and the dryness was no more, the best part about this product is it doest not contain animal ingredients and contain 100% Natural Moisturizers Like ( Vegetable Glycerin, Soybean Oil)

 3. Nivea Body Lotion:-


This Product is little cheap and you can find in any local market, It will be little runny and well after applying this it makes your skin smooth and I did have to apply 3 times a day. The reason I liked this product is bcos of the price and it is better than other Indian body lotion.

4. Parachute Body Lotion:-


Well the reason why I included this in my list is bcos of Coconut Oil, Yes Coconut Oil is the best product that you can apply for skin and why not id it comes with Body lotion. this body lotion is light in texture and really good to use, I usually apply this in summer because during summer also my skin gets dry, And it's affordable and it is easily found.

Well, this is my best body lotion and you can give a try and make sure that you read the ingredients and try or do a patch test.

If you are looking for the natural products for body lotion then here are they,

  1. You can apply a Malai( Cream) after the bath and leave it for 10 min and wash it off.
  2.  Apply olive oil.
  3. Also, try coconut oil. 

Thanks for your time and do comment below if you want a review about other products.

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