Beginners Makeup Products

 Must Have Beauty Products for Beginners

Hello, friends today I am going to share must have beauty products that every girl should have as a beginners, this is my opinion but this is the basic one which I am going to share as there are many girls who run in budget and they need to have beauty products which they can have and do not regret it.

Festival is coming and I do feel that everyone girls should look good and perfect. Why not start with the simple makeup.

Let's have a look which is the first one, make sure that this is only for the beginners, First, we are going to start with the

Moisturizer or Primer

Moisturizer or primer is the first step in makeup, after washing out face we apply any of the two product as to make your face smooth and so that your skin can be ready for the makeup u will apply like foundation is the second step to apply if we apply foundation directly your skin will get artificial look and Foundation will not be able to sit on face, which is after 3 hrs your foundation will start to fade and leaves a patches, So you need to apply moisturizer or a primer before you foundation.
Foundation and Concealer

Foundation and concealer are the second steps which I like to introduce, the foundation is a thick cream which matches to your skin tone so that you get an even looking skin, Most of the girls think wrong that foundation works as brightening the skin and giving one shade lighter. Foundation only works in even the tone and it hides dark spots of any scars as I said that Foundation is a thick cream. 
Coming to Concealer this is a cream like foundation but this should be one shade lighter than your skin tone as this helps in give an artificial brightness to the place you apply. Normally we apply concealer under our eye so that it can cover our dark circle and even on the bridge of the nose.

Eye Makeup Products

For eyes, we will be needing eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. With this three products, your eye will look really different and beautiful, for the beginner to buy an eyeshadow might be little difficult as which color to choose, select an eyeshadow color which can be good for office and for the festival as well. and even you can apply eye brow with the eyeshadow as well if there is a perfect color for your eyebrows.

Blush For Cheeks

Don't forget the blush as this is also very important part as eyeshadow, Blush helps your cheeks to give a color and with that color, you will look fresh and beautiful, Try to buy a blush with a little shimmer in it so that you need not buy a highlighter.

Lip liner and Lipsticks

After you apply all the makeup the will be some this missing which is your lipstick, some people like the dark red color and some like nude colors it's according to your skin tone. Do check the color and buy as there are many colors and you will be confused to buy as for the safer side do buy a Lipper which is of red and pink as it matches all the skin tone.

Now we have completed all the makeup essential for the beginners and we forgot the main thing, how are we going to apply this makeup?
Nowadays there are many things which people use to apply their makeup as using hand and finger are not hygienic. As we don't know what bacteria and small particles are there in our hand and fingers, Do buy makeup brushes or makeup applicator sponge, You need not have to buy all the brushes as it is not important you can buy only 3 or 4 as this will help in many things.

So, guys I hope that you liked my blog on beginners make, Please comment down below if you liked it and let me know as well if I left any part.

Sonu Singh


  1. great post for beginners......I loved the pic of the blush you posted....which brand is it ?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Blush is by Nanda 3 color blush and Price is Rs.396 After the offer discount

  2. Great post.. I too loved the Blush!

  3. Primer is absolutely a must for better makeup application and longevity. Mac foundation is quite pricey but I love ut because it worth every penny.

  4. My makeup must is eye liner. I don't leave the house without it.

  5. Informative article, great tips for beginners. I don't apply make that often but I use an eyeliner and lipstick regularly. I never knew about primer before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very helpful for beauty beginners and you have described everything so well :)

  7. Useful article for beginners.Nicely written


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