Ponds Activating Carbon Face Wash Review

Review Of Ponds Pure White Anti-Pollution+Purify Face Wash

Hello, all today I am going to give a review about Ponds Pure White Anti-Pollution+Purify Face Wash.

 It's a newly launch face wash and even I have used it for only 1 month. I bought this product because of first thing came to the mind is activating charcoal, you must seeing the trend that mostly all youtube make their vlogs about the charcoal mask and peel off mask and they have a great result and good review.

Well, I also thought the same and bought this product. I must say that I liked the product it did help me cleaning the face, but I couldn't say the pollution has been removed from face.

1.  Let's see the packaging:-

The packaging is similar to the other ponds face wash but the difference is it's in white and black colour,  and yes it is travel-friendly. Inside the colour is grey in colour and smell is also amazing, it is foam based face wash. it gives a good lather, and even I feel my skin feels smooth after wash, I would recommend you to wash your face with less than 1 min.

2. Product review:-

This product is for oily skin I did use it and my skin feels clean and smooth, it also helped on cleaning the impurities, usually, i use this product at night before going to bed, as this is the time I would like to clean deeply so that my skin can breathe at night.

3. Pros of the product:-

  • It helps in cleaning the pollution.
  • Liked the smell.
  • It has activating charcoal.
  • Helps in brightening the skin.
  • Price is affordable.
  • You can find this product in all the local market.

4. Cons of the product:-

  • If you apply this product for more than 1 min your skin loses the natural glow.
  • This product gives an instant brightening but it doesn't glow.

5. Beauty with skills rating:-


My last thing to say is if you are working lady and go out in sun and pollution frequently I recommend you to try this product.

Thanks for reading this blog, and do comment below and let me know if you need a review on other beauty products, And don't forget to subscribe my blog.

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