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Hello, all today I am going to share a review on BB creams, This is not a foundation it's not a moisturizer or highlighter. There are a lot of people who get the perfect BB cream for the suitable skin types, So I am going to give a review of BB creams that will help you to buy accordingly. And I can do the BB cream review which I get in India, Soo lets Start.

L'oreal True Match BB Cream

This is nice when I applied it blends in very well and have a good texture but yeah I feel like this gives a white cast on my skin, I don't like that because who wants to look white in color, I have not checked in other skin but in my skin, it does so. Another thing about BB creams is they take a time to Oxidise and then they settle to your skin but this did not. May be there are many one there who like this BB cream but don't know why it did not match my skin. This comes in different shades.

Maybelline BB Cream

This also comes in different shades, Its comes with SPF 21 this also gives me a white cast and but yeah takes at least 10 min to settle. after that white cast disappears, This BB cream gives you a lite coverage and it has a matte effect and doesn't dry the skin which is good about it, it would hide the red ness if you would probably have on your face and gives slight coverage under the eye. over all its a good product for daily use but it takes a time to settle on the face.

Garnier BB Cream 

Garnier BB cream comes with only one shade, This one says that it has SPF 21 PA+++, Vitamin C, Almond Extracts etc. This Consistency is very creamy it feels like I am applying a butter on my face it's very moisturizing, After applying your skin shines a bit it does give you a lite coverage it doesn't give a coverage like foundation but yeah it gives a very mild coverage, so this I can call as a BB cream as we want a BB cream to work as a good moisturizer and give a mild coverage all together every day cream to use which should not be heavy on face.

Ponds BB Cream

It comes in Only One Shade, It is creamy as well and it does bleands in realy well. It gave little more coverage than the Garnier BB Cream. I took a Very Small amount and covered my face totally. It has a typical ponds fragrance which is very mild it is nice for summers if you do not want to use a heavy foundation want to use some thing lite then you can use this Ponds BB Cream.

Now I would like to reveal my favorite BB Cream, BB Cream By Garner is the Cream which I would like to go for as it is very mild and lite weight and gives little coverage makes my skin moisturizing and best thing has 2 shades to choose. There are many days when I want to go out and don't want to apply Foundation, Reason is I don't want to feel heavy with the Foundation, Just apply the BB cream then the pressed powders some mascara and then the lipstick that's it.

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