Best 5 Patanjali Products

Best 5 Patanjali Product To Buy

Hello, friends today I am going to make a review about Patanjali product.

There are some products from Patanjali which are good to use and some I didn't like. Soo lets see the products which I would prefer to use let's start with the best one.

1. Patanjali Alovera Gel:-

I like this product the most because its made of aloe vera gel and all irradiance are safe, this product I usually use after washing my face and even before going to bed. You can use this product in many ways like mix this product with face wash and use them or apply it like a face serum and even you can make a DIY cream that you can use.

Aloe Vera is a very good product which you can use it directly from plant or you can use this product. Aloe Vera is really good for skin and even for the hair, If you have a frizzy hair you can apply this after you hair wash like a serum. 

Pro of this product:-
  • This product is affordable.
  • You can find this in any store.
  • It really leaves my skin soft after use this.
  • Helps in fading the dark spots.

2. Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil:-

As you know the benefits of Coconut Oil, Let me tell you how do I use the coconut oil. Mostly I use this oil for my hair when I have to do deep oil massage I use this at night and at morning I do a hair wash, Even I use this oil for my deep conditioner hair mask.

When I have a heavy makeup applied then usually I use this first to remove my waterproof eye makeup and then I use my regular makeup removal cream. Sometimes when I feel my skin very dry I apply this on my body and sleep at morning my skin feels good and moisturizing.

3. Patanjali Body Ubtan:-

This product normally I use it for my body mask, This mask is mixed with all the ingredients that usually your body needs for exfoliating and for removing the dead skin. You can take 4 spoons of product and mix it with water or milk or even with the rose water then apply to your body and let it fry for some min and then rinse it.

Mostly I apply this once a week and even it removes some of my body hair.

4.  Patanjali Multani Mitti Face Pack:-

This is one of my best face pack I like to use this twice a day and that makes my skin feels good and the best part is it has Aloe Vera in it and if you feel that the pack is little thick and do mix this with rose water and Aloe Vera Gel and apply.

Don't forget to do a patch test before doing this Because there are many people Mutani Mitti doesn't suit their skin.

5. Patanjali Activated Carbon Facial Foam:-

This is the product is really good as it has an Activated Carbon which is really good for our skin if you are a working lady, this product helps in removing the dust and pollution from your face.

I use this product usually at night before going to bed so that I can clear all my impurities from face and sleep with my clear and healthy skin, This product is a foam base and the color is also gray.

So this is my product which I usually like to use from Patanjali, I know there is much product from this company but I usually don't like as from my point of view it doest work on my skin.

Please comment down below if you feel that I am right with the review and my best 5 products of Patanjali then let me know in the comment section and please do follow me for more reviews.

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